Garden Ideas Using Upcycled Pallets

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Looking for some garden ideas to help bring those outdoor spaces to life, ready for the warmer months? If you or your partner are feeling a little creative, then here are some fab things you can make from ordinary wooden delivery pallets!

Create your own outdoor mini bar!

Did somebody say ‘cocktail party’? If you love entertaining guests, and you’re partial to the odd spot of tipple, then why not make your garden the centre of entertainment? Creating an outdoor mini bar couldn’t be simpler! Just stand two pallets upright, back to back, fix them together, and lay some regular paving slabs across the top!

Make a fab herb garden

If you love to cook, you’ll probably have lots of use for this next idea – a vertical herb garden! Stand a pallet upright, and fix some planks to the underside of the slats – forming troughs, sitting one above the other. Staple some plastic sheeting inside (to prevent the soil from rotting the wood), and fill with compost – then get planting!

Top tip: Have the planter near to your kitchen door, so you don’t have to wander far when you’re cooking and need some herb clippings!

Craft a table and benches

If you’re a fan of al fresco dining, or if you simply enjoy a drink and conversation outdoors, then tackle this simple make! Fix two pallets one on top of the other for the table. For the bench, do the same, but add an upright pallet behind for back support! Then litter with cushions for extra comfort.

Make a flower bed

Pallets are also perfect for crafting flower beds! It its simplest form, you can cut pallets down to the required height and join them at the corners to create a square frame. Stake this into the ground, staple the inside with plastic, and fill with soil.

For a trickier challenge, you could craft a multi-levelled flower bed, like this beauty…

Build a mud kitchen

If you’ve got children, they’ll love this next idea! Kids love playing in the garden; and getting dirty is part of growing up! That’s why using wooden pallets to create a mud kitchen play set is such a great idea! Add some old pots, pans and bowls, and your children can have hours of fun ‘cooking’ with soil or sand.

Where to find pallets

Thanks to the booming logistics trade in the UK, there’s always a few wooden pallets laying around somewhere that you can get your hands on! Keep an eye out on places like local Facebook selling groups, as quite often you’ll see bundles of pallets being sold off cheap, or even given away! Gumtree is another fab starting point.

Bring it inside!

Pallets aren’t just great for transforming the garden space, either! They can also be used inside to enhance your interior areas! Visit our post: 4 Awesome Ways to Upcycle Pallets.