8 Amazing Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

If your bedroom space is long overdue a refresh, one quick way to inject some character is to add some new wallpaper! There are thousands of styles available, so we’ve helped narrow down 8 bedroom wallpaper ideas…

1) 1970s Pattern

Bring the retro revival into your sleeping space! The bold colours and hippy bohemian florals make for a perfect statement in any bedroom.

Get it here: Retro Springs Daisy Wallpaper, Happywall, £37 / Sqm


2) Marble

The most sought after natural stone right now, thanks to its gorgeous, delicate veining, marble instantly adds a luxury, exclusive look to an interior space! I love this marbling effect bedroom wallpaper mural! The wall instantly becomes an enormous slab of marble, and makes the room look a million dollars. Add some gold accessories and you’ve got yourself the ultimate Ritzy bedroom.

Into the woods

Many of us love a stroll through beautiful woodland – there’s something so instantly relaxing about it! When it comes to decorating the bedroom, relaxation is something to have in mind. After all, you’re likely there to have a nap. This forest-themed bedroom wallpaper is exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes to unwinding, ready for bed.



Star gazing is another fantastic way to calm down and cool off. You can lay down, glare up at the sky, stare at all those twinkling stars, and realise how big the universe is, and how small your day to day problems are, in the grand scheme of things. I love these fantastic, mesmerising, cosmic celestial bedroom wallpaper murals!



World traveller

You’ve probably noticed the resurgence of the trend for globes and world atlases – particularly vintage-styled specimens! This world map mural wallpaper is perfect for lovers of travel! You can gaze at it, remember all the places you’ve been, and plan all the places you’re going to go.



If you want something a little more vibrant and refreshing for your bedroom space, how about getting into bed with the tropical botanical trend? Leafy patterns and bright greens are the call of the day with this eye-catching bedroom wallpaper mural!

A botanical background doesn’t always have to be bright, though – take this monochromatic approach, for example…



Equally as striking when you walk into the room is a trendy geometric pattern, and nothing could be more on trend. With its pastel tones, this mural is reminiscent of encaustic flooring.

There you have it – a look at some stunning bedroom wallpaper murals, which you can use to inject some instant character into your sleeping quarters!
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