7 Seriously Cool Headboard Ideas

Headboard ideas for your bedroom

Since headboards take up quite a light of space visibly, when you step into a bedroom, the headboard is likely one of the first things you’ll see. So why not make it attractive, and turn it into a focal point?

Here are a bunch of seriously cool headboard ideas we think you’ll love, and they’ll all add some real pizzazz into your bedroom.

1) Upcycled pallet!

pallet bedroom ideas

If you love the idea of creating a new purpose for an old object, then this might just be the headboard for you!

Wooden delivery pallets are readily available in the millions, since they’re a constant hangover from the logistics trade!

Grab one, give it a lick of paint to tie in with the colour scheme of your room, and there you have it – a brand new headboard! Just butt your bed-frame up against it, and tie it in place.

It will add a crafty, characterful, reclaimed look, and it won’t cost you much at all!

2) Patterned tiles

Tiles with eye-catching patterns on them – particularly colourful Moroccan and vintage designs – are transforming all across the world! But not many people consider them for creating a striking focal point in a bedroom. Simply tile onto the existing headboard, or tile the wall and rest the bed up against it!

Walls and Floors has a large variety of patterned tiles to choose from – all oozing personality!

3) Ceiling moulding

Here at Design Peach, we love anything that breaks the mould (excuse the pun)! That’s why we love the idea of taking a plaster mould traditionally used on the ceiling, and applying it to the wall above the bed!

It results in a wonderful artistic finish, which adds a really luxurious feel to the room.

4) Shutter stock

Earlier on, we talked a bit about upcycling, and here’s another fantastic example!

These weathered old shutters, which look like they could tell you a tale or two, make for a really interesting headboard feature, and a characterful addition to a bedroom space.

With their faded, battered paintwork, they perfectly demonstrate why the idea of inviting reclaimed wood into the home is so popular.

5) Gatsby glam

Art Deco designs are very prominent in the world of interior styling right now, so this gorgeous 1920’s Gatsby-styled headboard will certainly keep you on-trend with its cool tones and comfortable cushioned fingers!

6) Crate storage

For many of us, bedroom storage can be a little bit tight, and we’d all like a few extra shelves where we can stash away our wares!

This incredible reinvention of a headboard certainly provides plenty of additional storage! Some simplistic wooden crates, which you can buy for next to nothing from the likes of IKEA, have been stacked up to create a pyramid of pigeonholes!

These cubbyholes are perfect for keeping your alarm clock, glass of water and bedtime read close at hand, whilst leaving tonnes of additional storage for your other belongings!

7) Breaking the 5th wall

It’s a growing interior design trend to bring the ceiling into the mix when tackling the decor of a room.

Having been painted white for centuries and simply ignored, the ceiling is now being called ‘the 5th wall’ and people are treating it as such. This headboard idea literally integrates the ceiling into the rest of the room, with its batons reaching up and pouring across the overhead surface!

There you have it! Some fab headboard ideas.