7 Ways of Achieving the Bohemian Look

The Boho style – full of life, colour and culture, will invite you to submerge your eyes in sumptuous, rich shades, patterned rugs and cushions, and an eclectic mix of furniture that individually seem to exude a tale of their own. If youʼre looking to inject some vibrance and soul into your home, look no further!

Letʼs glance over its influential roots to understand it better, for it is a movement that has been associated with artists, writers and intellectuals harking back to over 200 years ago, which already at first glance beckons of its rich and broad influences.

The Bohemians, as a counterculture originated in France as a result of the French Revolution. During this upheaval, the fall of the wealthy patronage that long supported the arts has left many artists living in poverty. Hence, many were forced to live cheaply, adopt a nomadic lifestyle and dress in worn out, vintage clothing.

Consequently, the bohemian style had become very individual and incorporates gypsy, Indian, Moroccan, Aztec, vintage and even Scandi undertones. In truth, bohemian is an eclectic assemblage of things, but in a way that tells a story.

Interiors are often decorated with an abundance of green leafy plants, inviting nature indoors to bring in life and awaken a hippy spirit in everyone around. And while the movement has its roots in lavish lifestyle, the very heart of it is down to earth and very accessible to anyone. It bids the home owner to assemble things in a way that tell a story about them, about their soul and adventures. It also invites to bring out the playful, childlike nature to remind that not everything needs to be black and white and grey and that colour and pattern can be jolly enjoyable and stylish.

So how can you now go about in achieving this exciting and eclectic look? Letʼs outline the main features of a bohemian home:

1) Bring home the colour!

Think bright Moroccan walls, Indian culture and their temples and homes. Colour here is like a story teller, laced together with pattern it will bring life and vibrance into your room. Rich greens, pinks, reds and yellows will work great in achieving a romantic undertone, which is a pinch of that artistic soul.

bohemian look

2) Think Pattern!

Donʼt shy away from heavy patterned accessories to accentuate areas of your room. May it be cushions or rugs, it will look great paired with a plain sofa and natural wood floorboards.

bohemian pattern

3) Leave minimalism behind!

Abundance is essential here, this in part will be achieved by the dashes of colour and pattern of your accessories but remember, bohemian is all about story telling and all about beautiful vintage items, and things you may have picked up from your travels all around the world.

boho scheme

4) Forget the designer stores!

Unless you have a budget to shout about, itʼs always a good idea to look for unique items in car boot sales, vintage shops and second hand items. If youʼre not all about the history and age, you are missing the point!

boho look

5) Tell your story!

Ultimately, the bohemian style doesnʼt follow any one idea or movement, so be sure to incorporate something that really reflects you. Do you have a colour that you love? Accentuate that! Is there a piece of art that really resonates with you? Make sure to hang that on the wall!

boho ideas

6) Green, green and more green!

Donʼt be shy filling your place with plants, the greener and leafier the better. They will bring life and the more eclectic the plants the better! Achieving harmony with contrasting forms really is key here.

bohemian ideas

7) Think quirky!

The more eccentric the better. The Bohemian movement likes anything unorthodox, a mix of things, not following rules, playing around with shapes and colours, and most important of all – having fun and expressing yourself.

bohemian quirky