3 Benefits of Decorating with White

Looking for some colour scheme inspiration for your decorating project? Although it may seem a little plain or bland, there are actually plenty of benefits to choosing white as the main colour for your walls and floors. Allow me to take you through them…

1) Lighten up

If your room has ever felt a little dark and dingy – if there’s not much natural light, for example – then adding white into the mix will certainly brighten things up! Choosing slightly reflective surfaces, too, will help to bounce that light around, and the room will feel brighter and more refreshed in no time!

2) Extra room (visually, at least)

Choosing light colours in a room is an age-old interior design trick for making an area feel bigger. Light surfaces seem farther away, because they’re less noticeable. That’s why we’ve been painting  ceilings white for centuries – it gives the illusion of more head space.

It’s also why Scandinavian interior design – which is all about light and space – uses whites so often.

white colour scheme in bathroom

Above: Vintage Wood Tiles from Walls and Floors

3) A changeable colour scheme

Creating a white backdrop in your room (i.e. opting for white walls and floors) allows you to change your colour scheme at the drop of a hat, without any heavy decorating.

Since white is void of all colour, it cannot clash with any other colour; thus it pairs perfectly with every colour imaginable!

Find yourself liking red a lot? Invest in some red cushion covers, a red rug, some red candle jars, and voila – you’ve created a red theme in your white room.

But uh oh! You’re sick of red now. You’ve moved onto green. No problem – just swap out the accessories! No painting or tiling required. Creating a white backdrop has allowed you to chop-and-change the colour theme as often as you like.

There you have it – some benefits for decorating with white, when it comes to choosing the colour scheme for your bathroom, bedroom, living area or kitchen!