8 Ways to Use Less Fuel and Save Money

How to use less fuel - drive more economically

With the cost of fuel sky rocketing, filling up your tank with petrol and diesel has never cost more, and the prices are set to climb even further in coming months. 

The best way to save money on fuel is to shop around. Supermarkets generally tend to be the cheapest, whilst service stations tend to be among the dearest. It’s also worth looking at petrol stations with reward cards, as they help you to claw back some savings. Tesco give points on petrol, for example, which you can utilise against shopping later on. 

Once you’re happy you’ve found the best price, here are some tips to help you use less fuel and save some extra pounds… 

1) Inflate your tyres 

Tyres lose pressure over time, especially when the temperature drops. Driving around on deflated tyres wastes fuel, so to make sure you’re getting the maximum efficiency from your car, double check your tyre pressures. The correct pressures can often be found printed on the sides of the doors. 

2) Don’t carry around unneeded additional weight

The heavier your car, the more fuel it burns through. Therefore, it’s important not to carry around any unnecessary additional weight. So if you have a boot full of junk, empty it out. 

3) Ensure your car is serviced 

Making sure you don’t skip any services. Taking your car in once a year for its service (or servicing it yourself) ensures the vehicle runs as efficiently as possible. 

4) Watch your speed 

Whilst it’s always tempting to put your foot down, excessive speeding will burn through your fuel faster. Sticking to the speed limits is your best bet for maximum efficiency, and make sure you’re always using the highest gear possible for your current speed. 

5) Lose the air con 

The air conditioning in your car uses power from the engine, and therefore is also sucking on your fuel reserves. So keep it off, if you’re looking to make your fuel stretch further. If it’s cold out, wrap up warm. 

6) Take off your roof racks or box 

Having anything on top of your car creates extra drag, which ultimately burns more fuel. If you’re not using your roof box or roof racks any time soon, leave them in the garage. 

7) Keep your distance to avoid aggressive braking 

On the motorway or a dual carriageway, avoid tailgating. When you’re close to the car in front, it often results in lots of hard braking. This kills your acceleration, and you then have to burn extra fuel to build your speed again. Keeping your distance helps you to keep a consistent, steady speed, and saves fuel

8) If you’re waiting for more than 3 minutes, turn your engine off

If you regularly pick someone up, such as your child from school, and you end up parked up in the car waiting for them, don’t sit with the engine running. If you’re going to be waiting for more than 3 minutes, turning the engine off will save fuel. 

There you have it – 8 tips for reducing your fuel consumption.